(Follows from my post: Why Write Markdown?)

Why does it rule?

Because it is the first one that actually addresses the real issue. We write Markdown so that we can view rendered Markdown. So why do Markdown editors focus on the source code? Any editor that shows you the live preview and the source code in two panes is ridiculous: - Sacrifices screen real-estate to display a bunch of source code - Frames the problem as how to facilitate the writing of Markdown instead of the production of rendered Markdown. - Copies literally every other Markdown editor. They are all so incredibly unoriginal that it boggles the mind that so many exist.

Okay, but how does it rule?

Simply. Have one pane that is solely for rendered Markdown. There is now bountiful screen real estate, the simple elegance of rendered Markdown, and your wonderful thoughts. Understandably you may say, “but if I cannot see the source code, how do I know what Markdown that I am writing?”. And I would say to you that you are an idiot because you are literally looking at product of your typing every second. How could you do anything but know what Markdown that you’re writing.

Oh and one more thing

It will drop the bullshit of not having a real text editor and use neovim. Writers will learn the joy of text editing.