Music is a creative and productive process that is emotional.

I find that activities that are about creation are more fulfilling than those that are about consumption. It is currently easier to browse Reddit than it is to learn more about music and playing instruments. The ease comes from the following:

  • Other people produce the content
  • The content is easily relatable to everyday mundane experiences
  • Everyone is familiar with the format of most of the memes
  • Easy to diversify your sources of lulz

What if we could imbue the study of music and the playing of instruments with some of these characteristics and should we?

End Goal

The end goal of all of this musing and work is:

Enable social, self-directed mastery learning of music and playing of musical instruments.

This is desirable because: - Bring people in touch with their neighbours (need to explain why that’s desirable) - Spend more time creating than consuming - The power of losing yourself in music


My current hypothesis on how to start down this road is to get people musically literate and instrumentally competent enough to create their own variations on well known blues and jazz structures and understand how to jam with another person.

This involves teaching the following: - Pointers on how to play an instrument with a focus that regular effort will take care of the rest of the technique portion - 12-bar blues - Playing the same musical structures in different keys - Intuitive sense of the feeling induced by key changes, chord changes, and chord variations - Improvisation - Playing with a partner or two

I’ll be digging into each of these topics as I crystalize these thoughts in my own mind and as my work progresses.